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Attached are documents related to shooting game birds for pre-National training. Anyone shooting live birds must have a California Hunting license. Anyone shooting a pheasant must have an upland game stamp and purchase a Domesticated Game Bird Seal (see Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2). A two day license costs $19.75, an Upland Game Stamp costs $8.00 and a Domesticated Game Bird Seal costs $0.03 each. Regulations are detailed at www.oal.ca.gov. The only thing required for shooting ducks is a hunting license.

Out of state people can obtain their hunting license by utilizing the Fish and Game Mail Order Form.

For shooting during the event: The Clear Creek Sports Club is located on an Indian Reservation. When shooting birds of any type on the Clear Creek Sports Club, a current out of state hunting license is required. Purchasing a California Hunting License is not necessary when performing gunning duties for the Master National Hunt Test if you already have a valid out of state license.