Advanced Judges Seminar Grant Program

Master National Retriever Club AKC Advanced Judges/Handler Seminar Grant Program


The Master National Retriever Club (MNRC) is focused on means and methods to improve the quality of the Hunt Test judges pool. Quality judges are the backbone of the Hunt Test program and the MNRC is committed to expanding this resource in a quality manner. There are two ways MNRC will directly support this mission:

  • Providing publicity for AKC Judges/Handler Seminars by posting scheduled seminars on its website
  • Providing a grant award to a MNRC member club in each region each year to host an Advanced Judges/Handler seminar

Member Club requirements for posting scheduled seminars on MNRC website
Member clubs must submit the information about scheduled Judges/Handler Seminars to their region Vice President or Director, who will then coordinate publishing the information on the MNRC website via the MNRC Publicity Chair.

Information required:

  • Member club name
  • Member club contact information
  • Seminar date (must be confirmed with the AKC before publishing)
  • Seminar location (to include specific street address)
  • Participant fees and instructions
  • Lodging/food arrangements (either list those available or link to info)

Member Club criteria for Advanced Seminar Grant Award
MNRC is committed to incentivizing member clubs to actively participate in the efforts necessary to improve the quality of the hunt test judges pool. This financial grant incentive will subsidize and reward those Member Clubs that are investing in hosting an AKC Advanced Judges/Handlers Seminar for the purpose of educating existing judges, potential judges, and handlers. Grant amounts will range from $600 to $1000, based upon the number of participants.

Requests for Grant must be submitted in writing (or via email) to the Region Vice President or Director between December 1 and February 1. The Board will evaluate the requests and announce the award by April 1. The seminar date must be no earlier than May 1 and no later than the following April 30.

Member Clubs applications for Grants will be available for download from the MNRC website. Application for the grant must include:

  • Member club name
  • Member club contact information
  • Seminar date (must be confirmed by the AKC before publishing)
  • Seminar location
    • Seminar facilities
    • Classroom facilities 
  • Field work venue
  •  Participant fees and instruction
  • Lodging/food arrangements
  • Confirmation to provide the following:
    • Field equipment (blinds, wingers, guns, stands, etc.) 
    • Birds 
    • Shotshells/poppers 
    • Workers/gunners 
    • Dogs/handlers for each testing level (Junior, Senior, Master) ·
  •  Advertising/outreach plan (include specific information on efforts)
  • · Commitment to provide club representative to meet with AKC representative on Friday prior to seminar

In addition to the above basic information, the club should submit a statement describing their general activities with respect to judges education and the recruitment and development of quality judge candidates. This could include previous seminar history, support of apprenticeship program, etc.

Each Region VP and Director will decide grant awards within their region. The following will be taken into consideration:

  • Club must be a member in good standing of the MNRC
  • Ability of club to host quality seminar (considering organizational skills and commitment of workers – part of this evaluation may come from how the requesting club puts on weekend Hunt Tests)
  • Geographic location of seminar (for example, if a grant was awarded to a hosting club in the north area of the region the previous year, the desire would be to award a hosting club in the south area of the region)
  • Requesting club has not received a grant in the previous 3 years 

When will the Grant be paid and what are the reporting requirements?
The Member Club must provide a status and evaluation report within 5 business days after the conclusion of the seminar. This report shall be sent to the MNRC Region Vice President and Director and should include:

  • A general description of the overall seminar program
  • The actual number of attending participants
    • Number of currently active judges in attendance 
  •  Specific matters raised/discussed that need additional consideration
  • Ideas/suggestions for improvements to the seminar program

Specific reporting requirements, if any, above and beyond those outlined above may be requested, however such requests will be provided at the time the Grant is awarded. Upon receipt of the seminar report, the VP/Director will notify the MNRC Treasurer to submit the Grant check to the Member Club. The final Grant amount will be based on the number of attending participants. The amount will be no less than $600 and no more than $1000.